Singer's mum fears she could lose her daughter at any time

Amy Winehouse‘s mum Janis has revealed she’s discussed funeral plans with her daughter.

The 52-year-old says she’s constantly worrying about her daughter’s health.

‘I reached the stage with Amy where I planned to ask her where she’d want to be buried,’ she says. ‘I was serious.

‘Amy is so high-profile, if I want an update on what state she’s in at any given moment, I just have to turn on the television.’

Despite her fears, Janis reckons 24-year-old Amy’s recent prescription overdose collapse will help her quit drugs for good.

‘I really don’t think she’s using now,’ she tells the Daily Mirror. ‘Being diagnosed with the early stages of emphysema was a real jolt to her, a wake-up call. Mind you, I think she does have the odd sneaky cigarette.

‘She’s got a constant PA by her side, a minder plus there’s a security guard watching her. I think things are really beginning to take shape to the good.’