Celebrity Big Brother star Jasmine Lennard had a secret meeting with her ex Simon Cowell

Before she was evicted, Jasmine Lennard told her Celebrity Big Brother housemates her fling with Simon Cowell was ancient history.

But Now’s learnt the 27-year-old model is still ‘very close’ to Simon, 52 – and they even spent last Valentine’s Day together.

Our source says: ‘People think they’re in the past but that’s not true at all.

‘She confided in me before she went into the CBB house.

‘She told me they’re still very close and have met up this year, since his split with Mezhgan [Hussainy].

Jasmine told me she even spent Valentine’s Day with him.’

Jasmine made headlines when it was alleged she’d had a six-month affair with Simon in 2006, while the X Factor mogul was dating TV presenter Terri Seymour.

The rumour mill went into overdrive again in August 2010 when Jasmine gave birth to her son Phoenix – although the daddy was later revealed to be Shifty Shellshock, 37, frontman of US band Crazy Town.

She split with the rocker, who’s been battling drug addiction, in December.

Our source says: ‘The reality is Jasmine’s still very fond of Simon.

‘She’s under no illusion that she’ll ever be his girlfriend but she does like spending time with him.

‘So if he suggests meeting up she’ll jump at the chance.

‘He always buys her nice presents and they get on really well together.’

Simon’s publicist Max Clifford is less of Jasmine fan, though.

When we approached him about her confession to her pal, he said: ‘I’ll be amazed if there’s any truth in these claims.’

Read more about Jasmine Lennard in Now magazine dated 27 August 2012 – out now!

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