Ex-Neighbours star is frank about drugs past

Jason Donovan admits that his former cocaine addiction simply stemmed from the fact that enjoyed taking the drug.

‘I took cocaine because I liked it,’ reveals the ex-Neighbours star.

‘You can analyse it until you’re blue in the face, but if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have taken it.’

Jason, 39, recently published his autobiography Between the Lines: My Story Uncut, which details his drug problem during the 1990s.

He explains that writing it was a difficult, but necessary, process that he hoped would not anger those close to him.

‘Writing my memoirs was cathartic, but one of the toughest things was thinking about the people I wrote about who might not feel comfortable with it,’ he tells The New Review.

Jason is now drug-free and happy with partner Angela and children Jemma, 7, and Zach, 6.

‘I’ve had some dark periods in my life,’ he says, ‘but my head is pretty clear now.’