Losing her was like a punch in the stomach

Jason Donovan has lifted the lid on his romance with Kylie Minogue for the first time.

‘She was “the one” – my first true love,’ reveals the Aussie actor, 39.

‘I couldn’t see my life without her. I wanted to be with her forever.’

Sadly for Jason, that wasn’t to be.

Having become a couple on the set of Neighbours, the pair drifted apart once Kylie’s music career took off.

Then, after a four-day get-together in LA, Kylie, 39, told Jason: ‘It’s over.’

‘It was like a punch in the stomach,’ admits Jason.

‘I know that I tried to reason with her, tried to get her to change her mind, but she wasn’t having any of it. She had made her decision and it was final.

‘I felt like my life had ended there and then and I didn’t know how I’d ever recover.’

To make matters worse, Kylie’s relationship with late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence was soon plastered over every newspaper and magazine on the globe.

‘Every image was like salt rubbed into my wounds,’ admit Jason in his new autobiography.

‘Everyone knew that Australia’s favourite sweetheart had fallen in love with its most famous rock star.

‘It was big news. Everyone wanted a piece of their love story.

‘Everyone, that is, except me.’

Between the Lines: My Uncut Story, by Jason Donovan is published on October 1 by Harper Collins, priced £18.99

Phil Boucher