The Echo Beach star has clean for 7 years

Echo Beach star Jason Donovan likes to stay friends with those who’ve had a positive affect on his life.

He and David Gest appeared on I’m A Celebrity last year together and bonded on the show.

‘David’s a real character and, yes, I am in touch with him,’ says Jason, 39. ‘Doing I’m A Celebrity last year was such an intense period in our lives.’

The dad-of-two is also still mates with Neighbours co-star and ex-girlfriend Kylie Minogue.

‘Her career’s in a different stratosphere these days,’ he says. ‘I feel very proud to be associated with Kylie. She’s come through a hell of a lot personally.’

Jason’s own life has not been easy-going. He had to battle a dependence on drugs.

‘I don’t think you ever totally recover from an addiction,’ he admits. ‘Thankfully I came through the other side – a lot of people who get involved with drugs don’t.

‘It’s only now, 7 years on, that I can start to see the benefits of being clean. Behind any form of addiction is a desire to change. Fame and the idea that it’s ‘cool’ to do drugs doesn’t help, either. But there’s no such thing as a cool drug addict.’

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