Five months after quitting Dancing on Ice, Jason Gardiner has labelled Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield “fake” for “hurtful” treatment since his exit.

Former Dancing on Ice judge Jason sent shockwaves last year when he announced he would be leaving the show. And now he’s revealed he hasn’t heard a single thing from the show’s hosts – Holly or Phil.

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According to The Sun, Jason – who has been replaced by John Barrowman – said, “Since it was announced I was leaving the show I’ve had nothing from Phil and Holly. Not even a text message.

“It is hurtful, especially because when Philip was getting a lot of negative attention recently I sent him a message of support.

“I thought they would get in touch but I’ve learned this industry is full of fake and disingenuous people.”

But, they’re not the only ones who didn’t reach out – as Jason reveals only one of his fellow judges contacted him. And it wasn’t Christopher Dean or Jayne Torvill.

“Christopher Dean and Jayne Torvill – who are idols of mine – didn’t contact me either. The only person who sent me a text message was Ashley Banjo.”


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While Jason put on a harsh exterior during his years on the show, the snub has left him feeling hurt.

“It’s upsetting because I really valued these people, and I can’t understand why they wouldn’t get in touch. It doesn’t take much to send a message or a DM.”

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Jason’s departure from the show came just months after he was accused of “bullying” former contestant Gemma Collins during her appearance on Dancing on Ice.

After being likened to a “refrigerator” by Jason, reality TV star Gemma took to Instagram to say, “I’m really tired of being BULLIED by this man. It’s very very upsetting and hurtful let it go.”


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Defending himself on Good Morning Britain, Jason said, “I’m there to give a critique based on my expertise and I have 10 seconds to make a point. Now, if I were to sit there and spout technical jargon, it’s lost on the contestant but it’s also lost on the home viewer.

“These are people that are novices. They have no performance experience whatsoever. I have to make a point and I have to get it into their heads. And do you know what? Whether you agree with what I do, it gets results – you know, they do improve.

“I think I am very balanced and very fair. I’m impartial.”