The Dancing On Ice judge doesn’t think much of Cheryl’s fashion sense

Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner says if he were to score Cheryl Cole on her style, she wouldn’t be getting full marks.

Jason, 39, who is also a fashion expert for This Morning, definitely wouldn’t put Cheryl on his best-dressed list.

Cheryl Cole is very hit and miss,’ says Jason, who’s famous for being the nastiest judge on TV (sorry, Simon Cowell!).

‘If she styles herself, it’s a disaster.’

Jason, who had a tough time growing up in Australia as a gay teenager with a love of ballet, believes his opinions are fair. He insists he’s not a bully.

‘Bullying is relentless, unsolicited and unwarranted – what I do is give a critique,’ he tells Now.

‘It might be a bit spicy, but that isn’t a bully.

‘Believe me, I know what a bully is.’

Read the full interview with Jason Gardiner in Now magazine dated 28 March – out now!

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