Singer found it strange to be back in the limelight


Jason Orange had reservations about Take That‘s comeback.

The boys split in 1996 but he reunited with Gary Barlow, 38, Mark Owen, 37, and Howard Donald, 40, in 2005 after making ITV documentary For The Record. 

‘I was fighting it a bit, when we first got back together,’ Jason tells The Observer Music Monthly. ‘It felt the strangest to me, I think.

‘I was not sitting that comfortably with it, and I didn’t notice how nice it was.’

Robbie Williams, 35, who left the band in 1995, decided not to join the boys for the reunion.

But the others are now having a blast.

‘We’re all people pleasers, all of us,’ says Jason, 38. ‘Gary probably less so. He’s probably the most secure in himself. Us three…f**king wombling bumbling idiots in the background, are not as secure. Not compared to rock Gary.’

Preeti Das