Rapper sees potential in Girls Aloud star


Jay-Z reckons he can help Cheryl Cole make a name for herself in the US.

The rapper is convinced The X Factor judge, 26, will go down well in the States.

‘I keep a close eye on the music industry throughout the world and I know how hot Cheryl is in the UK,’ says Jay-Z.

‘The US market is the toughest one to break into, but once you do it is by far the most lucrative. I think Cheryl has that talent to do it.

‘There is nobody in the US like her right now, and I would be very interested in helping her break the US market this year.’

Jay-Z, 40, says his wife Beyoncé Knowles, 28, is also a big fan of Chezza

Bey has seen her perform and she told me how impressed she was,’ he tells The Sun.

‘I checked her out and I was impressed as well.’

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