Rapper slams Oasis frontman after Glastonbury row


Jay-Z has hit back at Noel Gallagher, saying he copies other artists with his music.

The rapper was responding to the Oasis frontman claiming rap didn’t belong at Glastonbury.

‘He made a blanket statement,’ Jay-Z tells Observer Music Monthly. ‘He hasn’t heard every hip-hop record and I haven’t heard every rock record, so I can’t make a blanket statement and say rock doesn’t belong somewhere.

‘I can say that Noel Gallagher rips off The Beatles. I can say that because I’ve heard his music.’

The 38-year-old hip-hop star adds like he’d like to meet Noel, 41, for a chat about music.

‘I’d like to sit him down, play him some really great poetic music, some incredible, well-produced hip-hop,’ he says.

‘Things have to change. Just because something has been a certain way doesn’t make it right. To me, music is music.’