MC supports campaign to bring clean water to the world's poor

With a $320 million fortune, his own record label and Beyoncé on his arm, rapper Jay-Z clearly wants for nothing.

But the MC has teamed up with the UN in a bid to bring clean water to one billion people in Third World countries.

He is spending six weeks on a four continent tour, visiting shanty towns, rural communities and urban centres.

His visit will be filmed by MTV for a documentary: Diary of Jay-Z: Water For Life, in a bid to alert viewers to the global crisis. He will also play concerts during his trip

The 36-year-old star – who is currently on the African leg of the tour – says he witnessed first-hand the poor sanitation and overflowing sewers in countries like Angola.

He tells The Telegraph magazine: ‘In the middle of the street there is this big trench, full of faeces and dirty water. This young lady Bella walked me to her school – she walks through maybe half of that trench.

‘When you see a problem so staggering, and you don’t get involved, something’s wrong with you. It’s a basic thing – people should have access to clean water. The idea that water is a luxury is just crazy to me.’