She makes a mad dash to Spain as Tom’s co-star leaves her seeing red


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spent the Christmas holidays locked in a series of rows over his current co-star Cameron Diaz, Now can reveal.

Katie, 31, hit the roof when she saw pictures of Tom, 47, flirting with Cameron on the set of their new movie Knight And Day.

A source says: ‘Katie was outraged when she saw photos of Tom kidding around with Cameron on set, where they were openly hugging each other. He’d promised her he’d keep his distance as he knew Cameron‘s reputation for flirting with co-stars would make Katie insecure.

‘But that promise seemed to wash away when they began shooting the movie. Tom and Cameron have been all over each other while the cameras were rolling and it doesn’t seem to be much different between takes.

‘They enjoy each other’s company. Katie wanted assurances that there was nothing going on.’

There’s no suggestion that there’s anything more than flirting going on between the co-stars, but it coincides 
with Tom and Katie being at loggerheads over how to raise their daughter Suri, three.

Our source says: ‘There seem to be arguments almost every day. If they’re not rowing about which school to send Suri to, they’re arguing over which books she should be reading or how she should play with her friends.’

Until they reach agreement on Suri‘s upbringing, the chances of the couple having another child are remote.

‘It’s a constant problem,’ says our source. ‘Tom thought they’d worked it out, but Katie keeps throwing up new obstacles and is concerned about how a new child will be raised.

‘She’s also frustrated by her lack of career options – she thought she’d be a megastar after two years of marriage to Tom, but she’s finding herself trapped in limited roles. Tom‘s keen to have a second child, but he’s starting to wonder if it’ll be worth it, given Katie‘s demands.’

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