Celebrity chef hates seeing himself on telly

‘The world’s sexiest chef’ says that there’s nothing he hates more than watching himself on TV and claims he spits at the screen. ‘My TV is the only one in the world with a built-in screen wiper,’ he quips.

Jean-Christophe, 45, who now runs the White Horse gastropub in Hertfordshire, says he also gets pretty angry with some of his customers.

‘There are times when I feel like kicking customers in the mouth or shooting them in the legs,’ he tells Night & Day Live magazine. If they are rude ‘they are given five minutes to collect their belongings and leave’.

One customer Jean-Christophe would never dream of upsetting is David Bowie. The chef once drove to the South of France to get the best tomatoes and olive oil to make David the gazpacho soup he said that he fancied one week.

‘By the time I returned, he had changed his mind,’ recalls J-C. ‘But it was worth it. For David Bowie, I’d climb the Andes if it meant getting the right ingredients.’