Action star says he’s always getting recognised

Modest Jean-Claude Van Damme says he’s not surprised he’s a household name.

The actor reckons his action movies have made him a universal icon.

‘My movies are international,’ he says. ‘Everybody understands a slap in the face. In Japan, Belgium or America, a punch is a punch.

‘Comedy will be different in Europe or America, so my movies are very international. I’m a brand name. Van Damme is like Levi’s.

‘I go on vacation, and everywhere I go, people love me for my name, not for my movies.’

But the Muscles From Brussels, who has been divorced 4 times, insists there are some drawbacks to fame.

‘A day doesn’t go past when I’m not recognised,’ he says. ‘That can be hard for a woman to deal with.’

Despite his self-belief, Jean-Claude, 47, admits he’s made a few howlers in his time.

‘I’ve made 36 movies in 20 years and I overacted a lot in my early career,’ he tells Metro.

‘So it’s very difficult for me to look at myself in those early movies.’