Sending Jedward and family our best wishes during this incredibly difficult time...

After what has been a pretty darn tumultuous few weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother house, we’re sure all the CBB crew are looking forward to enjoying a nice quiet cuppa without hearing the words ‘DON’T YOU START WITH ME’.

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Sadly, however, our very favourite duo of brothers Jedward (Soz, Paul and Barry Chuckle) have left the CBB house amidst a family crisis- with the news having broken of their father being in critical condition in intensive care.

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According to a spokesperson for the boys, Jedward’s father, John Grimes Senior, had become ill during the boys stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house- having been admitted into intensive care.

Jedward’s mother and manager Susanna Condron has confirmed the news to The Daily Star, sharing ‘The last week has been very stressful for Jedward’s family’.

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However, the boys were unaware of their fathers ill-health whilst inside the Big Brother house- Susanna continues, ‘John Snr has been in intensive care. He insisted Edward and John must not be informed about his critical condition’.

Susanna then added, ‘He stated he would not jeopardise their chances of reaching the final as ‘there would have been legions of disappointed fans’.

John and Edward

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The boys, who placed as runner up in the competition with Coleen Nolan managing to snatch the crown, are yet to publicly address their father’s medical condition.

Instead, the boys have been thanking their fans for supporting their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The boys share, ‘A huge Thank you to our Jedicated fandom and all our new supporters for believing in us, throughout the series X’. 

Many fans have taken to Twitter to share their well wishes to the boys for managing to go so far in the competition. One user writes, ‘you’ve won the hearts of soooo many people up and down the country, you done amazing’. 

Sending all our well wishes to John, Edward and all the family during this very difficult time.

Alice Perry