Six years after Jade Goody’s death, Jeff Brazier ensures that their sons keep her memory alive

Jeff Brazier has emotionally opened up about how his sons continue to honour the memory of their late mum Jade Goody.

It’s been six years since Jade passed away at the age of 27 after losing her battle with cancer and Jeff has tried his best to help their boys Bobby, 12, and Freddy, 10, manage their grief and remember Jade.

One of the particularly moving ways that Jeff, 36, and the children deal with Jade’s death is to set aside one day each month dedicated to her.

‘On the 15th of each month that’s “mummy day”,’ Jeff revealed during an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today.

‘We can talk about her obviously at any time and we do, but the 15th of the month means we are particularly focused on it.

‘We will release balloons or we’ll write letters and post them, whether they think they are going to get there or not it doesn’t matter, it’s expressing.

‘It’s writing those memories down, those thoughts and those feelings and even if it’s sad and something that you perceive as being negative, it’s not hurting them. It’s hurting them more not to talk about it, than it is to actually put it down on paper and do something with it.’

Jeff is a patron for the charity Grief Encounter, a cause that helps children who have lost a parent or sibling, and thinks that being so open about Jade has been very beneficial for Bobby and Freddy.

‘[They are doing] incredibly well,’ the dad-of-two said.

‘Really a lot to do with the charity [Grief Encounter] and a lot to do with the things we do on a regular basis such as talking about their mum all the time, having those triggers round the house that are going to make them talk and the pictures, the memories that will always enable us to keep her very much an open subject of conversation.’

Whilst the time since Jade Goody passed away will have obviously been tough, Jeff is very proud to see how his boys have developed in that time.

‘It’s been a great six years because we’ve come so far,’ he’s admitted. ‘The children are doing incredibly well so we must be doing something right.’

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