Jeff has spooky experience with balloon in bed

Jeff Brazier and girlfriend Nicola T had a proper paranormal experience recently.

‘I was stopping over at her place and there were helium balloons left over from her birthday on the ceiling,’ Jeff, 32, tells us.

‘We were in bed when one appeared at the foot of the bed.

‘It dropped until it was 6ft off the ground then right-angled towards my side. The ribbon of the balloon ended up in my hand without me moving.

‘It was like someone had said: “Here’s a balloon for you.”

‘The whole thing probably took three or four minutes, but I could barely breathe. I was petrified.

‘I thought: “This could be Jade. It could be my grandad, it could be my dad.” I’ve seen clairvoyants in the past, but not since Jade passed.

‘It’s something I haven’t been ready for, especially as we had such a complicated relationship.

‘Instead of offering sympathy or talking about it, Taps decided to take the piss out of me. I think it was her way of dealing with it, but it wound me up.

‘I tried every word in my vocabulary to get her to stop taking the mickey but she kept on, so I ended up calling her a not very nice name.

‘She hit back with: “Why do you have to be so boring? Why are you serious all the time?”

‘It went from bad to worse fast.

‘She eventually rolled over and went to sleep as I lay there doing all manner of things on my phone to get over it – while keeping an eye on the balloon.

‘In the morning we managed to drop our strops with make-up sex. I’ve never had it before, but I can recommend it now.

‘It almost made the row worth it… almost.’

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