Doting dad prioritises his kids

Jeff Brazier might have found love again but he’s always mindful about the effect on his sons.

The presenter started dating PR Kate Dwyer earlier this year and his boys – Bobby, 11, and Freddie, 9 – are getting on well with her.

But Jeff is careful not to try and replace Jade Goody, the mother of Bobby and Freddie who passed away from cervical cancer in 2009.

‘I love that [Kate’s] good with the boys,’ says Jeff, 35.

‘They really approve, in quite a big way. It’s lovely to see. She’s got this authority with them and she’s very matter of fact.

‘They respond very well to it. [But] it would never be Mum.

‘I would never replace Jade. But obviously stepmum would be the correct term one day if the relationship continued to go well.

‘But I’m not going to say, “Boys, call her your stepmum.”‘

It sounds like Jeff Brazier‘s sons are coping well five years on from Jade Goody‘s tragic death.

Back in 2012 Jeff spoke of how he often had a strained relationship with Jade during their brief union.

‘It started as a friendship but we seemed to find our way into a relationship,’ the presenter explained.

‘It got serious because she was pregnant. From that point onwards I remember it being very difficult.

‘Jade was a difficult person to love. Anger was her way of communicating. I was dealing with the monster that had been built up over her childhood.

‘I thought I could take it all away from her, but I couldn’t.’

When Jade Goody had to face up to her illness Jeff Brazier was reminded of the girl he had originally fallen for.

‘As soon as she found out she had cancer the issues that made her act the way she did were just dropped,’ Jeff previously told the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine.

‘I was left with the natural her that I’d seen in those first three months.’

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