This Morning presenter Jeff doesn't blame Jade

Jeff Brazier is saddened by the shock revelation that the money left by Jade Goody for their sons could be wiped out.

Jeff had two sons – Bobby, 9, and Freddie, 8 – with Jade, who passed away aged 27 on Mother’s Day 2009 after losing her battle to cervical cancer.

The Big Brother star worked tirelessly to raise funds for her boys’ futures before her death but the remaining £1 million looks set to be taken by the taxman.

The first thing she did [after her diagnosis in 2008] was work out how much it would cost to put the boys through private education until they were 18,’ says Jeff, 33.

The answer was £260,000. In her last months that was what drove her on, even when she was so weak and in terrible pain. It was all that mattered to her.

I think it was a great comfort to her to know that at the end she had managed to raise the money to give them it. To learn that it might be gone is just unthinkable.’

HMRC looks set to take £1,035,902 from the trust after ruling that expenses and losses from Jade’s beauty salon Ugly’s don’t qualify for tax relief, it has been reported.

But Jeff, who says he doesn’t blame the late star for not safeguarding the cash, knows the boys can cope if the funds are lost.

The trouble with Jade, as I know only too well, was that she wasn’t good at taking advice,’ the This Morning presenter tells The Sun.

But I’m not angry at her, or the situation. If [the boys] have to move schools then so what? If the money has all been lost then so be it.

What greater loss can they have than the one they have suffered already – the loss of their mum?’

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