Ex-lovers said to be looking for properties in Paris

Jemima Khan is reportedly planning to buy a flat in France with ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant.

The pair, who split in 2007, were spotted together in Paris last week, where they’re said to have looked at luxury apartments in upmarket areas of the city.

‘They were in touch with a number of upmarket estate agencies and they showed an interest in one or two properties in the centre of town,’ a source tells the Daily Mail.

‘Money is no object, of course, although privacy and security are paramount.’

But Jemima, 34, is not believed to be getting back with Hugh, 47.

She is currently dating businessman Ben Elliot.

Jemima Khan and Ben Elliot

‘Searching for a [flat] in Paris doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting back together, but it would suggest they’re getting on very well,’ adds the source.

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