The Ex on the Beach star was returning home after a bum lift


Travelling can be a stressful time for many people – checking-in, weighing baggage and making sure all your liquids are small enough? Potential for drama everywhere.

However, Jemma Lucy had a tougher time than usual over the weekend, as she’s revealed that she was held by border control over fears she was a victim of sex trafficking.

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The outspoken Ex on the Beach star arrived back in the UK on Sunday from Turkey, where she’d gone to get a ‘Brazilian bum lift’. However, upon landing at Manchester Airport, Jemma was faced with some unexpected attention – and she took to Snapchat to tell the bizarre tale.

‘The weirdest thing has just happened,’ she began. ‘I’m literally still shaking… the border security thing, they literally just stopped me and said, “Wait a minute, Jemma.”

‘Asking me questions about where I’ve been, who I am and all this sh*t, they won’t let me go through.

‘I was absolutely shaking, thinking that I was getting nicked, thinking what the f*ck have I done that I can’t remember and I’m getting nicked for it?’

It soon became apparent that it was her giant stuffed lion (Simba from The Lion King, in fact) that was the cause for the commotion, as it raised staff members’ concerns that it was a sign of sex trafficking.

Jemma, 28, continued in her signature brand of frankness: ‘Turns out it’s all because I’ve got a teddy they thought I was being trafficked. Like I was being bought over and trafficked as a sl*t. Not a sl*t, a prostitute or whatever.

‘They thought I was being trafficked cause I had this. Why can’t I have a teddy?

‘So my heart is still racing. I can’t believe it’s a sign of being trafficked.’

Jemma and Simba, the lion who started all the drama (Photo: Instagram/jemlucy)

However, as she’s told inquiring fans on Twitter since the event, it seems as if she’s recovering from the ordeal – as she joked about who she’d be willing to be ‘sold to’, before backtracking and stating that she’s not trying to make light of a terrible reality:

‘Joke over, I’m not making fun of people being trafficked as obviously it’s horrible but it’s just a funny situation that occurred because of a teddy bear.’