Doesn't look like the ladies will be making up any time soon, then...

If theres one famous lady we’d like to avoid getting on the wrong side of, it’s Jemma Lucy.

Oh, and Katie Price.

Do you know what? Just make it both of them. We’ll avoid getting on the wrong side of both of them.

And, whilst we tread on eggshells around the feisty ladies for all of eternity, it would appear that Jemma and Katie are still very much locked in their very own own feud.


Jemma Lucy hits out at Katie Price in EPIC Twitter rant

The ladies have been feuding for a mega 5 years, believed to have started after Jem’s appearance on Katie’s reality TV show Signed By Katie – in which Katie failed to give Jem the modelling contract (oh and reportedly slept with one of Katie’s former flames, also).

Bygones certainly aren’t bygones, however… and the feud has reignited once more.

Most recently, Katie had slammed the Ex on the Beach star during her appearance on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side – telling host Rylan Clark-Neal that she is ‘worth nothing’.

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As expected, Jem did not take lightly to these comments following her CBB departure – and has now taken to Snapchat to share a *very* telling video…

Sharing a video onto her Snapchat, Jem slams Katie‘s claims of her trying to send cryptic gestures during her time inside the CBB house.

The 29-year-old shares, ‘I just want to make one thing clear. I’ve watched a couple clips back from Big Brother. When Katie Price says: ‘Oh, Jemma’s waking at me…’ I wasn’t waving at you, bitch!’.

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She then added, ‘Don’t know if she realises it but there was about thirty other people in the room, one of which is my friend so I was waving at her. Not you’.

The EOTB lady adds, ‘Next time you want to come at me, I suggest you do it when there isn’t a massive film crew there and there isn’t a piece of glass separating us’.

And, in case the message was’t quite clear enough, Jemma then found a snap of the former friends – before burning it!

Holding a lighter to Katie’s face, Jemma says: ‘Oh look. It’s an old picture of me and Katie’, before chanting ‘burn it’ repeatedly.

Credits: Jemma Lucy’s Snapchat

Lets just hope Jemma‘s not up to some weird Voodoo type stuff, eh folks…

Oh, and we definitely *don’t* condone burning pictures of Katie… never underestimate the power of the Pricey, right?!

Alice Perry