After being linked together for several weeks, Chantelle Connelly has taken to social media to reveal that all is not quite what it seems...

With Valentines just around the corner, it’s v. easy to get caught up in all the festivities…or, ya’know, in being a massive relationship scrooge. Because bah humbug and all that.

And so, for those of us avoiding all manner of romantic gestures during this month of love, it would appear we’re not the only ones to be feeling the strain.

In fact, the latest celeb coupling- Ex on the Beach‘s Jemma Lucy and Geordie Shore‘s Chantelle Connelly– have actually just revealed something a lil’ anticlimactic…

Me pint sized lass 😂😂 @chantellegshore 💙💙

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The pair, who have been linked for several weeks now, may have appeared to be coming along in leaps and bounds. But guess what?! WE HAVE BEEN FOOLED, PEOPLE.

In fact, Chantelle has taken to Instagram to share that their relationship is nothing more than a rouse. That’s right.., it’s all fake, ya’ll.

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Chantelle shares, ‘Just to let everyone know the whole me and @jem_lucy relationship was laugh since the papers started it we rode it and had the last laugh’. 

After receiving a pretty big reaction from her Twitter followers, Chantelle then shared ‘Ppl need to stop hating the papers started it at the end of the day just cause we made don’t get mad peeps’. 

Replying to a message from a fan, Chantelle writes ‘as long as we weren’t hurting anyone ! Theres worse things we could of done than went on along with a story that the papers made up!’

Chantelle then added, ‘People are still going on about a lil joke the papers started in the first place wow Yous have far to much time on Ya hands, get over it’.

Chantelle’s revelation of her showmance with Jemma Lucy follows her online spat with ex-Geordie Shore cast mate Gaz Beadle– who had taken to social media to slam the girls.

Although Gaz made no reference to Jemma or Chantelle in the post, many believed the GS ‘fella had aimed this Tweet towards the ladies…

In fact, both the girls had also presumed the Tweet to indirectly reference them- which followed a pretty fiery reaction, something you can read all about right over *here*.

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Alice Perry