TV presenter also complains of having crooked teeth

Jenni Falconer has some hang-ups about her body.

The 5ft 8in GMTV star admits she’s insecure about her figure.

‘I have days when I hate everything,’ she says. ‘I hate my feet and I often hate my legs.

‘Sometimes it’s my stomach, and I also get wrinkled bits of skin on my arms.

‘Not to mention the fact I have crooked teeth and broad shoulders, which can make me look like a gladiator!’

But Jenni, 33, has agreed to be the face of lingerie brand Ultimo’s Adore Moi.

‘It’d normally be the last thing I’d do but, because I ran the London Marathon in April, I was quite toned and fitter than I usually am,’ she tells a teen magazine.

‘So after a bit of convincing from Ultimo, I thought, “Why not?”’


Alison Adey