TV royal reporter Jennie Bond on why Wills will be a great dad

She’s reported on the ups and downs of Prince William’s life ever since his mum Princess Diana first held him in her arms as a newborn.

Now, with Wills set to become a parent himself, Jennie Bond, 62, tells us how the lessons he learnt from his late mother will play a poignant role in Baby Cambridge’s life.


I can imagine Diana squealing with delight at the baby news – although her joy might have been followed by a brief sense of shock that, at just 51, she was a granny-to-be.

But she would’ve been a fabulous, hands-on granny, smothering her grandchild with kisses
and cuddles.


William will forever be grateful for his mother showing him the world outside the gilded cage of Royal life.

From a young age, Diana insisted her sons had ‘play days’ as well as ‘work days’.

They knew what it was like to queue for a burger or spend a night with the homeless. It’s a lesson he’ll want to pass on to his child.

Both William and Harry have publicly admitted that not a day goes by when they don’t think of their mother.

William missed her deeply on his wedding day and will miss her deeply again during the coming months.

If the baby’s a girl, I’d bet one of her names will be Diana.


Diana would have been a huge support to Kate Middleton too.

Her own first pregnancy was fraught with problems – emotional rather than physical – so she would’ve been full of sympathy.

I’m sure she would also have encouraged Kate to stand her ground and take her baby on any long overseas tours, just as she took William to Australia when he was tiny.

One of Diana’s most precious legacies is that the newborn will have a doting, devoted and devilish uncle, who she taught to respect authority but push the boundaries as far as possible.

William may no longer have his mother here, but his brother Harry is certainly the next best thing.

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