Former Friends star admits missing Rachel

Jennifer Aniston has said she misses the sitcom that made her a star and would be behind a one-off special.

Speaking on Channel 4’s Richard and Judy, which will be aired tonight – Monday 17 July at 5pm – she says: ‘I do at times miss it. The only thing I can think of is maybe for fun doing a Thanksgiving episode.’

This is the first time the actress has said she’d be keen to revisit Friend, although her co-star Courteney Cox recently talked about the same possible theme for a Friends special, admitting: ‘I can see us coming together for something like a Thanksgiving show. I think they see each other every year.’

Jennifer, 37, is in the UK promoting new film The Break Up, co-starring Vince Vaughn. The actor is rumoured to be her new love after her divorce from Brad Pitt. But although Jennifer told Richard and Judy she’d been a fan of his for years, she refused to confirm if they were now an item.