Actor organised her birthday trip to Mexico

Jennifer Aniston admits she has a hoot with Gerard Butler.

The pair struck up a close bond while shooting forthcoming movie The Bounty Hunter.

‘We just had so much fun together,’ says Friends star Jennifer. ‘Gerry‘s the most unpretentious guy.

‘He’s a guy’s guy, but he’s absolutely the most lovely and sort of self-deprecating and just what you see is what you get.

‘We look at work the same way…we always had each other’s back.’

Gerard, 39, organised Jennifer‘s recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to mark her 41st birthday.

‘He said to me, “You come to Mexico all the time and Mexico is really hurting right now because of the swine flu and the drug trafficking and all of this sort of stuff but it’s not all of Mexico,”‘ Jen tells Access Hollywood.

‘It sort of made sense to sort of say “Hey, let’s help out Mexico”.’

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