Actress says she's learned from her experiences

Jennifer Aniston doesn’t like setting goals for herself because it makes her feel vulnerable.

The actress, 39, recently got back with ex John Mayer, 31, after he dumped her in the summer.

And she’s wary of looking too far ahead in case everything changes.

‘I don’t make goals, ‘ she says. ‘You do that, and then you get bummed out if it doesn’t happen.’

But Jen, who divorced ex-husband Brad Pitt in 2005, hasn’t ruled out having kids in the future.

‘I know it’s a challenge to raise a child when you have a career,’ she tells Hello!

‘I have a girlfriend who was very successful in her career, and three kids later she had to stop working because something had to give.

‘Now she’s at home looking after those babies while her husband’s out working, and yes it’s difficult, and she sometimes thinks she’s losing her mind, but it’s what I want to do.’

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