Friends star is used to baby rumours

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she was once serenaded at a Japanese restaurant because fellow diners believed she was pregnant.

The actress is frequently rumoured to be expecting a baby, but she’s not expecting – yet.

People really want to believe it’s true,’ says Jennifer, 43.

One time, I was in a Japanese restaurant and these three guys started singing: “Congratulations.” It was amazing.

I had some saké and a cigarette in my hand at the time, so I was like: “OK, does this look like a picture of a pregnant woman to you?” I was like a billboard for Terrible Mother.’

Friends star Jen, who is dating 40-year-old actor Justin Theroux, is now used to dealing with the constant speculation – even from her own family.

You just have to stay as far away from it as possible and try to deal with the phone calls from your mother,’ Jennifer tells TV Magazine.

The only way I’m really privy to it is when I have to field questions from my family because, for some reason, they still believe everything that’s said about me is true.’

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