The Friends star has done all sorts of jobs

Jennifer Aniston might have had a successful acting career but she didn’t do quite so well at her previous ventures.

The actress, who found fame in the 1990s as Rachel Green in hit sitcom Friends, tried her hand at various occupations and was even a bicycle messenger in New York.

But Jen admits that she probably wasn’t the best person for the job.

‘I knew my future was not as a bicycle messenger – and apologise for all those envelopes and packages that arrived late,’ quips Jen, 45.

‘I was pretty fast on the bike but not so good on the directions.’

Like her alter ego Rachel in Friends, Jennifer Aniston became a waitress and it sounds like she struggled in the role just as much as Rachel did.

‘I actually had fun on the bike but not much fun being a waitress,’ confesses the pretty star.

‘That was the worst job I ever had. As a waitress, I was very friendly but clumsy and generally incompetent.’

Even when she got a minor acting gig – in one of her dad John’s TV shows – Jen wasn’t able to follow it up.

‘I once appeared as an extra in his TV series Search For Tomorrow, but I never got a regular part,’ she explains.

‘I think my dad was trying to discourage me from following in his footsteps and I don’t blame him.

‘I know how he struggled to get roles and for several years I couldn’t get myself an audition.’

Jennifer Aniston eventually hit the big time with Friends but she did have some other career paths in mind in case it didn’t work out.

‘There was a time when I wanted to be a therapist,’ Jen tells Hello!

‘I liked the idea of talking to people. I was always the girl people would talk to about their problems. In fact, I still am.’

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