Actress spotted strange parallel a couple of years ago

Jennifer Aniston has joked that her films echo her off-screen romances.

The actress has dated Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, 37, and John Mayer, 31, since her divorce from Brad Pitt, 46, in 2005.

‘I’m trying to be more careful than I’ve been in the past about the titles of movies that I choose to be in,’ Jen, 40, said at the Women In Film Crystal And Lucy Awards in California on Friday.

‘It’s funny, I kind of noticed a couple of years ago that there seemed to be this strange parallel with movies I was doing and my life off screen.

‘First, it was The Good Girl. That evolved into Rumour Has It, followed by Derailed and The Break-Up.

‘If anyone has a movie called Everlasting Love With An Adult Stable Man, that would be great! I’m at table six, and my agents are at table 12.’

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