Jen's new man opted out of the sitcom that made her famous

Jennifer Aniston’s fiancé Justin Theroux turned down an audition for Friends, opting instead to join a motorcycle gang.

The actor, who proposed to Jen on his birthday earlier this month, didn’t want to ‘sell out’ and decided not to join the sitcom that made his future wife famous.

Who wouldn’t want to be a bazillionaire?’ Justin, 41, jokes about his decision.

But I don’t really regret it.’

Rebellious Justin preferred being with motorbike gang Die Fast, which was originally called Satan’s Hooves, and he still enjoys more offbeat pursuits – something Jen finds attractive.

Justin appealed to her because he’s quirky, very off-beat but very kind and genuine,’ a friend tells Femail.

He collects old medical equipment and has a real human skull and a candy dish of teeth. He’s weird and eccentric but adores her. He’s very protective of her and she loves it.’

Even Jen admitted to finding her man slightly odd during their first meeting, which took place after they were introduced on the set of 2008 flick Tropic Thunder by mutual friend Ben Stiller.

I remember thinking he was very dark,’ says Jen, 43.

At first you think he could be, like, a serial killer. But he is actually the nicest person in the world.’

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