Bored of their ‘fauxmance’, he’s moved on...

As the world tunes in for its fix of A-list glamour at next week’s Oscars, Jennifer Aniston faces the indignity of walking the red carpet alone after Gerard Butler refused to be her date.

But the awards snub is not the only thing to rankle Jen.

Just days after she took Gerard on an all-expenses-paid trip to Mexico for her 41st birthday, he was spotted with several different women at the Rio de Janeiro Mardi Gras carnival.

This won’t please Jen, but Gerard’s not the least bit worried. Our insider says: ‘He couldn’t care less and he’s embarrassed at all the attention they got in Mexico. He’s having second thoughts about going along with the “fauxmance” for publicity.

‘He feels it’s got too contrived and he’s being pushed into it just because they need to promote their new film The Bounty next month. He’s enjoying playing the field and hooking up with other women and told friends: “I won’t be her gimp.”

‘He’s sick of her endless photo ops, so he’s said no to being her date for the Oscars. Now Jen’s scrambling to find someone to go with her and is pressuring her people to line up someone “hot and exciting”.’
Gerard Butler |Pictures |Now Magazine |Celebrity GossipJen and Gerard, 40, faced a backlash against their holiday in Cabo San Lucas, with one showbiz commentator remarking: ‘Sure is convenient how Jen always manages to get a “boyfriend” right around the time one of her films is coming out.

‘And it sure is convenient that she always gets great publicity from being photographed looking super-hot in a bikini on her vacations.’

Who’ll be Jennifer Aniston’s Oscars date?

No one: 2/1 Her worst nightmare, but with it just days away on 7 March she may have no choice.  

Gerard: 5/1 Will he or won’t he succumb to her persuasive charms? Depends on other offers.

John Mayer: 50/1 After blabbing about his sex life with Jessica Simpson and his relationship with Jen in recent interviews, he may well have scuppered any chance of a reunion with her.

Brad Pitt: 1,000/1 This is bordering on the realms of fantasy and would probably result in the first red carpet murder at Angelina Jolie’s hands.

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