Drunken phone calls and two clandestine meetings – could a reunion be on the cards for the golden couple?

Brad Pitt enjoyed two secret dates with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston last month, during which he poured his heart out about his miserable relationship with Angelina Jolie.

According to well-placed sources, Brad, 45, called Jen from a New York hotel on 7 April and begged her forgiveness for walking out on their five-year marriage in 2005.

‘She was initially taken aback – especially as he sounded drunk and sorry for himself,’ says a source close to Jen. ‘He told her he misses her and that he’s sorry for any hurt caused.

Jen being Jen immediately told him she’d never held a grudge against him and would welcome them being friends again, so long as she doesn’t have to be friends with Angelina. He agreed.’

Before the call, Brad hardly ever spoke to Jen, 40, and the relationship was strained. But this phone conversation broke the ice and opened the lines of communication once more.

Brad then called back the next day and the exes began speaking every other day before finally agreeing to meet up on 23 April on the set of Jen’s new movie The Baster, which she’s filming in New York.

Brad arrived in a blacked-out SUV, driven by his security guard, who parked it so that it would look as though it was empty. Brad and Jen spent an hour chatting in the car while the security guard kept watch.

By now, rumours were flying among Brad’s circle and finally reached Angelina, 33, who’s filming her new film Salt in Albany, New York State, only 150 miles from Jen’s movie set.

On 27 April, one on-set source said Angelina, who’d been looking ‘a mess all week’, was in particularly bad shape.

Our insider says: ‘She came out of her trailer looking like she’d been crying. She had red eyes with big bags under them. She’d stopped going back to the family’s rental home [in Long Island] and was sleeping at a hotel in town.

‘She never brought her kids or Brad to the set, even though her co-stars did. There’s even talk that she’s been taking caffeine tablets as she’s in such a bad way. Angie has been in some pretty dark places in her life, and now it’s as bad as it’s ever been.’

Three days later, according to sources, Angelina finally threw Brad out – and he immediately went running to Jen. On the evening of 30 April, Brad sneaked in through the back of the Greenwich Hotel, where Jen’s currently holed up, wearing a motorcycle helmet to avoid detection.

Brad didn’t spend long in the hotel as he was paranoid that other people would find out, but he didn’t care what Angie thought. He’s had enough,’ adds our source.

The writing seems to be on the wall for Brangelina and friends say this week is make-or-break time.

Jennifer Aniston’s spokesperson denies that a meeting with Brad ever took place.

See the full story about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston in Now magazine dated 18 May 2009 – out today!

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