She claims ex Tony Richardson feuded with criminals

Jennifer Ellison reveals that gangsters tried to kill her – because ex Tony Richardson was feuding with criminals.

‘I never realised how serious that side of his life was – until I was in the middle of it,’ says Jennifer.

The ex-Brookside star, 24, claims she was attacked with a machete as the businessman, 28, tried to flee hitmen in a car chase.

‘We’d been together a year and were out in my BMW one afternoon,’ she explains. ‘Suddenly a blue car came screeching up alongside us on the dual carriageway, full of men wearing balaclavas.

‘They were shouting: “We’re going to kill you!” Then one guy pulled out a two-foot machete and started smashing it against my window.’

And Jennifer says the attacks continued – when her home was shot at in a drive-by shooting.

‘Four bullets were fired through my front door,’ she tells the News Of The World. ‘They passed through the kitchen door, out the window and into the neighbour’s garden.’