Actress and husband Rob Tickle's baby has arrived

Jennifer Ellison has given birth to a baby boy.

The former Brookside star has a new son who weighed in at 9lb.

Jennifer, 26, and husband Rob Tickle – who married in Mauritius last year – have decided to call the new arrival Bobby.

He is Jennifer‘s first child but Rob is dad to twin daughters Chloe and Sophie, 8, from a previous relationship.

The actress was planning a water birth but has not spoken out yet about whether she kept to her plan.

‘The birthing pool is low-lit and with music,’ Jennifer said last year. ‘It’s lovely.

‘I always said I’d have a Caesarean, but I’ve got such a good partner in Rob that I want the experience of giving birth with him there.’

Bobby arrived on Thursday night, Jennifer‘s publicist has confirmed.

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