Jennifer Ellison will ensure her kids form a special bond

Jennifer Ellison and husband Robbie Tickle‘s son Bobby can’t wait for his new sibling to arrive.

Heavily pregnant Jen, 29, tells her gorgeous little boy that it could be any moment now.

‘I don’t think he understands,’ she tells us.

‘He just keeps kissing my bump, saying: “The baby brother’s not out yet!”

‘He’s convinced it’s a boy.’

Jen isn’t worried that Bobby will be jealous.She’ll make sure he bonds with the new arrival.

‘It’s really important that Bobby‘s the first person to see the baby on his own.

‘We’re going to buy him a present from the baby – so we’re making a fuss of him, too.

‘I don’t want him to feel pushed out or neglected.

‘It terrifies me.’

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