Actress says she's worried she'll get caught

Jennifer Ellison has admitted that while she likes a lot of lovin’, she won’t get frisky in the open air.

‘I’ve got a high sex drive but I’m too scared to have sex outdoors,’ she says.

‘I’d be paranoid about CCTV cameras catching me and ending up on Crimewatch.’

Jen is a passionate girl and when she gets into an argument with a fella, she’s not afraid to get physical.

‘If I’m having a row with a boyfriend I’ll chuck anything I can get my hands on!’ she tells Nuts.

‘I lose it big time. I punch, scream and stamp my feet.’

Jen, 24, is currently seeing a new mystery fella after splitting up with fiancé Tony Richardson, 28, last year.

Tony is now dating Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton, 24.

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