After having a baby star piled on the pounds

Jennifer Ellison was shocked when she was called a ‘Hippopotamum‘ after giving birth to son Bobby.

The Dancing On Ice star admits that the comments made about her size 18 body were distressing.

‘I will never forget this one picture of me out with Bobby and the headline was “Hippopotamum“,’ says Jennifer, 29.

‘I did have chunky thighs and a double chin but it was such a cruel thing to say when I was just enjoying being a new mum and I didn’t care about how I looked.

‘It was only when I started to audition again and going up for roles that I realised that my weight was a problem.

‘That was when it got picked up and I was criticised for my size. It was upsetting and hurtful.’

Jennifer has since slimmed down to a size 8 but admits that her body’s still much curvier than it once was.

‘My hips are wider and I’m more curvy than I used to be,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘And my boobs went up to a double J when I was breast-feeding. They were heavy. But they went back to their normal size, which is a D.

‘They aren’t what they were. They didn’t used to move but at least they are not down by my knees.’

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