Actress claims her ex beat her

Jennifer Ellison has ended her six-year relationship with Tony Richardson after claims he cheated on her.

The former-Brookside star has also made shocking accusations against her ex – claiming he once hurled a bottle at her.

Jen alleges the businessman, 28, smashed a bottle over her head and pushed her to the ground during a night out with pals at London’s Attica club in 2002.

‘Tony was in a really bad mood,’ she explains. ‘He said something and I threw the last bit of my drink over him.

‘The next thing I knew, I felt this crash on the back of my head and went dizzy. He had smashed me with a beer bottle and all my friends saw it.’

Jennifer, 24, says she always covered up her injuries because she loved Tony.

‘He said sorry and it wouldn’t happen again. And as I loved him I accepted it,’ she told the News Of The World.

‘I’ve lied and lied and lied for that man and this is how he repays me [by cheating]. I still love him but it’s over.’