J-Lo's got a very special beauty regime

She looks every inch the manicured A-list diva on American Idol and, despite hitting 41 last summer, Jennifer Lopez still looks years younger than some of the hopeless contestants who butcher her tunes on the hit talent show.

But Jennifer has a secret weapon in her stay young’ arsenal… placenta facials.

Eww! J-Lo‘s become addicted to the bizarre treatment, which involves protein and iron-rich extract from human placentas being smeared into the face to stimulate skin regeneration, and is having it twice a week at a cost of £700.

The singer credits the facials with leaving her skin looking plump, sexy and at least 10 years younger.

Jennifer‘s been a fan of placenta facials for years,’ says Now‘s insider.

They cost her over a thousand dollars a week but she swears by them. She loves that it’s natural with no harsh chemicals.’

In addition to her unusual skin ritual, friends say Jennifer takes hours to get ready for American Idol shows and makes several costume changes before deciding on her final outfit.

Jen always looks fabulous but there’s hours of work that goes into that,’ says our insider.

She’s at the studios at least three hours early to begin her make-up “process”.

‘She knows it might not be for everyone but the facials make her look good and that helps her relax.’

Hmm, maybe she should try unwinding with a massage or a glass of wine instead…

Read the full story about Jennifer Lopez and find out about the Plazan Placenta Collagen Mask in Now magazine dated 7 March 2011 – out now!

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