Jenny tried to breastfeed her twins


Jenny Frost‘s husband created an unusual garment for her after the birth of their twin daughters.

The Atomic Kitten singer had Nico and Blake in January and hubby Vincente Juan Spiteri, 39, made Jenny a special bra to help her breastfeed.

‘The girls were delivered at 34 weeks, so they were not strong enough to latch on and I had to express with a machine,’ says Jenny, 35.

‘Although they were small, they fed a lot. I did it for six weeks and had a double electric breast pump.

Vinnie made me a bra with the front bits chopped out and I walked around the house with a breast pump on.’

But Jenny – who also has a 5-year-old son, Casper, from her relationship with DJ Dominic Thrupp – admits she nearly developed postnatal depression from the strenuous regime.

‘I got really down – I was kind of trapped and felt like I had to continually keep pumping,’ the mum-of-three says.

‘Being a hermit was too much, so I stopped breastfeeding at six weeks.’

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