Jeremy McConnell spoke on ALL the drama that's been hitting the headlines

Ever since Stephanie Davis posted screenshots of an incriminating conversation on Wednesday night, the public have been waiting to hear Jeremy McConnell‘s side of it all – and now, he’s broken his silence.

Jeremy appeared on Irish TV programme The Today Show on Thursday afternoon to address what’s been going on – and he didn’t hold back, confirming that he did sleep with the woman Stephanie has been speaking to.

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‘After I got evicted [from the Celebrity Big Brother house], I went on a few club appearances,’ he told hosts Maura Derrane and Dáithí Ó Sé, before revealing that in Newcastle, ‘I ended up with a girl that night.’

According to Jeremy, at the time of his eviction, he was ‘single’ as Stephanie was still in the house and hadn’t officially ended things with her then-boyfriend, Sam Reece.

Jeremy initially tried not to mention the model (‘we don’t say his name anymore, he’s had enough press!’), but couldn’t help himself when describing the situation further.

‘She was going to sorting things out with Sam, we were both single…Since I’ve been with Steph, I’ve not hurt her.’

Happier times...

Happier times…

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So from Jeremy’s perspective, it seems that their relationship hadn’t officially begun when he had a tryst with another woman. But when it comes to their current relationship status, things seem to be very much in the air: ‘She’s made out like she’s split up with me,’ admitted Jeremy, before adding that it doesn’t change the fact that he still ‘loves her to pieces.’

After confirming that she’s currently going through counselling to help deal with the stress, Jeremy said:

‘You don’t break up with someone going through this, you make it work.’

Immediately after the broadcast, 25-year-old Jeremy told fans that what’s going on between himself and Steph is deeper than what meets the eye:

‘People don’t know what went on in my relationship. Me and steph were on and off Over pressures. I was open about everything on TV today’, explained Jeremy.

Whose side are you on? Will they be able to make it work? Will Stephanie ever forgive him?

We’re sure there’ll be another development in this never-ending rollercoaster of a romance in due course – but until then, here’s a nice reminder of happier times between the two…

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