The Irishman appeared in court to hear his fate

Jeremy McConnell has avoided being sent to prison for assaulting Stephanie Davis after he was given a suspended sentence.

The Irishman attended Liverpool Magistrates Court on Friday to hear his fate following his conviction for the incident at Steph’s home where she says he ‘threw her around like a rag doll’ and bit her.


Stephanie Davis reveals she’s suffered a miscarriage following Jeremy McConnell trial

Jeremy, 27, was handed 20 weeks in jail suspended for six months and he must also carry out a Building Better Relationships course with the Probation Service, as well as 15 days of Rehabilitation Activity Requirements.

Along with that he must complete 200 hours of unpaid work and must pay £1,000 to Steph in compensation. £1,000 costs were rewarded to the prosecution too.

The judge also passed a restraining order which will last three years and can only be lifted by order of the court.

Judge Wendy Lloyd criticised the star for showing ‘no remorse’ for his actions and, whilst she accepted the defence’s argument that the recent death of his father days before the incident had a negative effect on him, she said it was his decision to take cocaine and drink.

However she said that he had ’27 years of previous good character’ and felt that the ‘trappings of fame’ shouldn’t make her treat the case any differently. She also acknowledged that Jeremy and Steph briefly reconciled after the assault.

Before leaving the court Jeremy was warned that he must comply with the Probation Service or faces prison.

Steph – who has seven-month-old son Caben with Jeremy – wasn’t in court to see her ex receive his sentence, with a statement from released before the proceedings reading: ‘Stephanie won’t be attending court again today as she will be busy with Caben.

‘As a single mother her priority has to be the continued focus on her son. We await the sentence news later today with interest.’

She also gave a statement during the hearing where she said that the incident had made her a ‘nervous wreck’ and that she feels ‘severe anxiety and depressed’. A restraining order against Jeremy was requested.

The actress revealed on Thursday that she suffered a miscarriage two weeks ago.

On Monday Steph had broken down in tears as she gave evidence against her ex-boyfriend at his trial and described how she feared for her life during the attack on 10 March.

She explained that a row had broken out following her birthday celebrations in Liverpool as she suspected that Jeremy had been using drugs.

She also claimed that they argued over a vibrator which Jeremy believed she had been using with a female friend who he accused her of having a lesbian affair with.

The court case was filed with tension after Steph and Jeremy clashed when Jeremy laughed at his former girlfriend when she cried about having the ‘worst 18 months’ of her life.

Jeremy admitted using cocaine on the night of the incident but claimed that he’d acted in self defence against Stephanie after she’d attacked him when she learned he’d been taking drugs.

The judge took barely 15 minutes to find him guilty though, telling the court: ‘This is a sad story, like many of this sort there is much emotion on both sides.

‘Mr McConnell may prefer to think he acted in self defence. I believe his judgement was totally clouded by drugs and alcohol.’

He was given bail on the condition that he didn’t contact Steph, her mother or aunt, who all gave evidence at the case.

At a previous court appearance on 10 May, Jeremy pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage but denied assault by beating.

It was reported before the sentencing was announced that the Celebrity Big Brother star feared he’d get the maximum six months behind bars.

‘Jeremy is telling friends he is bracing himself for six months in prison,’ a source told Mirror Online. ‘Although his team are telling him to remain positive, he is steeling himself for the worst outcome.’