Er, just what is going on in this picture?

Stephanie Davis has teased fans about her future with Jeremy McConnell in a cryptic Instagram post – but it’s Jez’s hands that are getting all the attention.

The on-off couple posed for what looks on the surface like a very romantic photo last night, which shows them sharing a kiss as they enjoy an embrace.


Jeremy McConnell BANS Stephanie Davis from lips enhancement?

But fans were quick to note that the lovey dovey moment wasn’t quite as romantic as it seemed thanks to Jez, 26, appearing to openly GROPE Steph. Er, lovely.

The Irish model has his hand resting on 23-year-old Steph’s boob in the photo and it’s not gone down well with the pair’s followers.

‘perfect picture minus the touching of the tit,’ one commented, whilst another remarked: ‘Wait is Jeremy groping her boobs? Such a classy pair’

Other disappointed observers made comments such as ‘Ok this pic was perf until i realized where his hand is’ and ‘so lovely and classy with Jeremy grabbing her boob. NOT!’. Yikes.

It’s not the first time recently that Steph and Jez have got a little steamy on social media.

GIF CBB Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie Davis

Jeremy uploaded a very cheeky shot of his girlfriend appearing to straddle him whilst topless yesterday but seemed to have second thoughts and deleted it soon afterwards.

As for THAT hand position in this new snap, it actually proved so distracting for many fans that they barely noticed Steph’s mysterious caption.

The former Hollyoaks star wrote alongside the picture: ‘Not long now’

For those who did take this in it sparked a debate about what she could be referring to, with some even wondering if she meant that they were getting MARRIED.

‘Vegas wedding?????’ one questioned, whilst another simply asked: ‘marriage?!!!’

It comes after Steph celebrated the engagement of her friend, Hollyoaks actor Ross Adams, on social media yesterday and promised to be ‘the entertainment at the wedding’.

CONGRATULATIONS to one of my best friends and the best couple ever !!! @rosshollyoaks and phill! He said YES WOOOO! so excited for you guys really are the most amazing kind and caring people and so excited for you!!!! I'll be the entertainment at the wedding hahaha…. 😂😂❤️

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Well you certainly keep us entertained, Steph!

Anna Francis