Footballer says he's a good Catholic boy

Jermain Defoe has hit back at claims he cheated on ex-girlfriend Danielle Lloyd.

The footballer got together with Danielle, 24, shortly after splitting with fiancée Charlotte Mears, 21, last year.

Ever since, he’s been accused of being a bad boy.

Single mum Stephanie Moule, 25, alleges she had a secret affair with the £50,000-a-week star for 7 years. But Jermain says he’s just a normal 25-year-old having fun.

‘I just don’t understand what I’ve done wrong,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘I’m a good Catholic boy. I go to church.

‘I don’t deserve this love rat tag. As far as I’m concerned I’ve been single since Charlotte. So the love rat thing is all a load of rubbish – and it’s doing my head in.’

‘I can’t do nothing no more.’

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