She also said the couple are 'more in love than ever'

Jess Wright has hinted that Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan could have a baby soon, saying: ‘Hopefully it’s not too long until I’ll be an aunty.’

Jess also rubbished rumours that Mark and Michelle’s relationship is under strain due to their busy careers, declaring that her brother and his wife are ‘more in love than ever’.

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Speaking to The Sunday People, Jess said: ‘Michelle and Mark are doing fine. They’re just busy young people with active careers. People like to be sceptical about them. They shouldn’t have to choose a career or each other.

‘They’re more in love than ever and I think it’s nice that, in this day and age, the woman and man in the household can go to work and bring home the bacon.’

She also looked to the future and said she hoped to hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet at Chez Wright sometime soon, telling the paper: ‘Hopefully it’s not too long until I’ll be an aunty. They’ve both been busy but I can’t wait.’

You and us both, Jess!

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Mark and Michelle’s hectic work schedules have created unfounded speculation about their marriage recently.

After a long stint filming BBC drama Our Girl in South Africa and Manchester, Michelle took a short break before starting filming ITV drama Tina and Bobby in Manchester. Meanwhile, Mark has been kept busy with his presenting and radio career.

Speaking about her brother, Jess said: ‘Mark’s definitely ­improved since he started presenting a few years ago.

‘I’d love to do brother and ­sister presenting. It would be fun and has never really been done.’

We’ll be watching this space on that, Jess – and also on the aunty front!