We catch up with Jess Wright at her new Sistaglam launch to chat about fashion, family and plastic surgery.


On Wednesday, Jess Wright launched her latest collection with Sistaglam. Womenswear brand Lipstick Boutique has re-branded to Sistaglam for the new season.

Sistaglam have worked with Jess Wright to create a glamorous and red carpet ready collection, perfect for the party season. From the perfect LBD to bold floral prints and dark romance velvets, Jess has heavily influenced the range to include her favourite styles.

When we caught up with the beauty, we chatted about fashion, beauty, t*ts and teeth!

You recently posted a pic about your teeth, what didn’t you like about them before? I had a brace when I was younger and I lost my retainer and I’ve got quite a lot of teeth so they protruded a little bit and when I saw myself on TV and laughed from the side, they really stick out so now I’ve had them corrected so now nearly at the end of my procedure.

You’ve also spoken about your boobs as well? They’re great boobs but they are just a bit too big, however I have lost half a stone and they are looking better. The half a stone has made all the difference to my boobs.

How have you done it? Vigorous exercise and really eating healthily and cutting down on alcohol.

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You’ve had few collections now for Sistaglam, how has it changed over the years? We’ve incorporated the sequins and the glitz and the glamour because Christmas is coming up but I feel like we have different styles.

Do you have a favourite piece? I actually love a black dress from my collection that has embroidery on the shoulder. I wore it to a charity ball recently – embroidery and motifs are huge and I love, this collection’s very trend led. I try and incorporate current trends but I like to make sure it’s wearable for everyone.

How has your style changed over the years? I used to love wearing a tight bandage dress and orange face will do and now it’s absolutely not. Every look I do, I make sure I look finished and it looks cool and different, rather than just a tight dress and heels.

Have you ever seen a photo or on your Facebook come up that you’d rather forget? Fashion faux pas? Hundreds and hundreds – of course. But I think that’s a part of being human. We’re going to make mistakes and have dodgy lighting or day or whatever but I try and avoid that as much as I can.

Growing up with Mark Wright, who spent the most time in the bathroom? Oh god, me! Absolutely! He doesn’t really like makeup because it makes his eyes water. He hates anything like that but boys get it easy don’t they!

How long does it take you to get ready? I know it sounds mad but over the years, I have gone record quick. I can get ready if I have to in 15 minutes but not for a big night out, that I’d need 30/45 to an hour but I’m always the first to get ready before all my friends.

Jess Wright’s collection for Sistaglam is out now. Sistaglam collection is available in sizes 6-18 and has a style to suit every occasion. Prices start at £28.