Actress says she couldn't stop laughing at him


Jessica Alba says she almost gave birth when she saw co-star Justin Timberlake in The Love Guru.

The actress was attending a preview of her new film with husband Cash Warren, 29, when she got an extreme case of the giggles.

‘I felt something go,’ she admits.

‘I had been very careful of my movements and seating, but it was impossible to sit still when he was on screen.

‘I wouldn’t go as far as to say my waters broke, but it did feel as if I was actually splitting my sides.

‘I felt completely drained afterwards.’

Two days later, Jessica, 27, gave birth to daughter Honor Marie.

‘I’m going to be a full time mum,’ says Jess. ‘Everything has been non-stop for the last few years.

‘I’m learning quickly – other mums tell me there’s no time to stand still as a mum.

‘Even I’ve been taken by surprise with all the stuff surrounding the birth.’

The Love Guru is released on 1 August.


Alison Adey