Actress shares picture from gym


Jessica Alba might have an enviably lean and toned body, but judging by her recent Instagram picture she clearly works hard for it.

The actress and mum-of-two has shared a snap of her face after a tough work out.

It shows the 32-year-old dripping with sweat and with a very rosy glow.

Aren’t u supposed to feel better after a #workout #motivated2work #day2,’ she jokes.

The actress has embarked on a week long health kick with husband Cash Warren.

As well as hitting the gym everyday, she’s been drinking two green smoothies a day.

The drinks are a blend of leafy vegetables, berries, cucumber, oranges, apples and coconut water.

Green smoothie – going to take this down today,’ posts Jess.

One in AM one in afternoon #motivated #behealthy.

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